Obtaining a sister shelter

I have a friend who vacations in New England and volunteers her time up there in the summer. In the winter, she resides here and volunteers with me.
The shelter she volunteers at up there never has any dogs. Many spay/neuter programs have become so successful, shelters will contact another shelter with an overabundance of dogs and have the animals transported to save their lives.
This is the business we are in. Saving lives. We don't seem to be having the same luck in decreasing our unwanted dogs and cats in Florida. Many animals die each week in this state due to lack of kennel space. I believe we must utilize our space at all the shelters to the best of our ability, and if that means pulling animals from an overcrowed shelter, we should do that.
Hillsborough County has one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country. The ASPCA has begun their "Mission Orange" program to try and decrease the number of deaths in the county. Of course, Hillsborough is a high visibility county so more people are aware of the problem.
Desoto County, to our east, has the same problem with overcrowding. Put that together with the ruralness and low income status of many residents, and the problems increase.
Isn't it sad we don't pull more animals from shelters like this when kennel space is available and instead just let more animals die? I think all shelters should have sister shelters. I think we could save more animals this way.


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