Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking baby steps

Dissing the south has become a favorite pasttime of some people I come in contact with. Several choice words like backward, redneck, and ignorant come to mind. Since I learned everything I know from parents and grandparents who were southern born and bred, when I hear these things I get a little miffed. To me this is prejudice of the worst kind because it is lumping whole segments of people together because of being uneducated.
My family has owned pets since I can remember. My grandfather had hunters, who were better cared for than some children were. They were not house pets, but still had shelter, good food and vet care. My other set of grandparents always had several dogs which were housepets and were taken everywhere with them as part of the family.
Although many animal protection laws in the south are not as strong as I feel they should be, Huntsville, Alabama has just voted in an even stronger law that you can find in this area. I still have a problem with the chaining, but othewise it is a pretty strong law. I would say this is very progessive of Alabama and hope many cities and towns follow their lead. You can read the story here.
Baby steps are sometimes needed before you can walk upright. I think Huntsville can stand pretty straight right now.


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