Twice as much joy

Mandy and Teddy are 4 year old sisters. Both are short hair tabbies. Their family divorced and no one wanted to take the cats. There was a dog in the family who went with one of the family members. For the girls it was different –
they were brought to our shelter.

Teddy has a lot more white on her and her markings are more brown. Mandy has a white chin and white on her feet. Her tabby markings have more black. They have always lived indoors and they are litter box trained. The ladies have lived with older children and, as we said, there was also a dog in the family. Teddy is friendly and playful with kids while Mandy is friendly but is a little more timid and she might hide at first.

Teddy is more of the player - she loved playing with the dog. Mandy is the couch potato - nothing like a good snuggle and snooze to keep her happy. They are both very gentle and mellow. Teddy is the more active and much more curious than Mandy. Mandy likes to take new things on with a little more caution.

These girls have spent their whole lives together so we would love to see them be able to stay together. To make that possible for you and for them if you adopt them as a pair you will only have one adoption fee of $55.

Teddy and Mandy would love to meet you so please stop in and ask to meet these wonderful sisters. The shelter is located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota or you can check them and all their friends out here. Let’s help get them Home 4 the Holidays!!


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