Things to do today

I know several people who make lists. They tell me they suffer from a condition CRS or can't remember s**t syndrome. I am extremely lucky in I have a memory that is still pretty good but I still like lists.
My list for today includes such mundane things as cleaning the pool filter, going to work, and stopping at Walgreens with my coupons. Pretty normal for me. I may add several things to the list as the day goes on.
Anyone who has been outside in this area in the last few days has seen a gray pall hanging. No sun, just cloudy and cool, gray and (for me), depressing. Nothing good ever happens to me on gray, cloudy days.
My companions, Junior and Gypsy are my bright spot on days like that.
Today, the sun is supposed to shine. With it should come an uplift of my spirits.
If you need a companion to uplift you on gray cloudy days, come visit the HSSC at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. We have lots of dogs and cats who are looking for their ray of sunshine. You just might be it. If you have questions about any of the animals you see online, please call 955-4131.


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