Positive signs at Florida Animal Control Agencies

I have been linking to the column written by Kris Weiskopf, Director of Animal Services in Manatee County for the past few weeks. They are attempting to make Manatee County a no-kill county. It is a grand undertaking but they are making strides with the cooperation of the county, the public and other rescue groups in the area including Sarasota's Animal Rescue Coalition.
In fact, they were used as an example in Tallahassee, where they are exploring ways to increase adoptions and decrease euthanasias.
These are all signs we are moving forward in the state to educate people and try to prevent needless euthanasia of adoptable animals. How cool is it that Manatee is the first open admission, government run, animal control agency attempting to become no-kill and other agencies are looking at them to find solutions.
Check out the story here.


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