Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom with puppies at construction site in Homestead, Florida

These are pictures taken of another set of moms and puppies in Homestead. They were discovered tonight , but volunteers had nowhere to put them so they are still there. If anyone can take call Mirta. 305 484 1349. They look to be aussie mixes. Can't keep going down there and leaving food but leaving them behind. Please, can some rescues step up? The two brown shepherds are still there with horrible eye infections. Nowhere for them to go. :(need fosters and rescues.) or it is more humane to take them and bring to the shelter. Better than leaving them to die a slow death of starvation and dehydration and disease. Mirta knows the locations. She will bring them to anyone who has a place to keep them. We can raise funds for vetting but we have nowhere left to place them. Call Mirta if you can help 305 484 1349.

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