Fairy Tail Endings needs everyone's support

I am a firm believer is chasing your dreams. My friend, Rhys, is a perfect example of someone who, when presented with lemons in her life, resisted the temptation to become a "feel sorry for me" person and instead began trying to fulfill one of her dreams. When she was let go at her job working with animals at a local humane society, she took everything she knew about animals and rescue work and began her own non-profit.
She realized, especially in today's economy, many families were destined to give up their family pets because they could not afford necessary medical care for them and no other options were available. This created a surplus of animals flooding our local rescues.
Fairy Tail Endings has this mission statement on their website: Fairy Tail Endings, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping financially struggling families in Sarasota County keep their pets and provide proper care through financial aid, product and service donations, education and outreach. In short, our mission is to grant cherished pets their most rewarding HAPPILY EVER AFTER...staying with their adoring families.
How can you not support a mission statement like that? The answer is, you can't. This is a win-win non-profit. The animals win because they get to stay with their beloved owners. The owners win because they don't have to give up their animals. The community wins because the number of animals flooding our local rescues is decreased and if you contribute, you get a tax deduction when all of us are looking for ways to decrease our tax bill.
You can donate right on their website or you can shop and a portion of what you buy is donated back to the organization. Check it out here and then forward it on to all your friends. It is only with continued support, an organization like this can continue to help.


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