Another plea for Chili

I have featured Chili on the blog several times and no one seems to be interested. Please read his story from his foster Mom and if you know of anyone or you yourself are interested, contact her with the information below. It seems shameful this poor pup has spent his whole life in a shelter situation when he is such a good boy and has such dedicated volunteers trying to place him.

"I am fostering a little dog right now named Chili.( I say little because at 40 lbs, he is one of my smallest). HE came in the shelter as a puppy ( 8 weeks) , and this poor dog grew up there, spending 10 long months, ( most of his life).Chili was always overlooked because of being black, ( Black dog syndrome), and also having a mix of pit, he justsat there almost 1 year.I couldn't stand him going nuts in the shelter one more day, so I took him.10 animals is a bit much in one small house, but he is worth the save. Chili had quite a bit of learning to do, as he NEVER lived in a house before, and he never hadany rules, or organization. He never had toys or a bed or lived in a pack. Now, a few weeks in foster, Chili is 100 % crate trained, house trained, and LOVES cats. He likes dogs and gets along well with them.Seeing he never had toys, we did have issues with resource guarding at first. But now, toys are back to being all over the house, and he now knows he doesn't need to guard them from the other dogs.
Chili does get along with dogs well, however, since I have 4 dogs, there has been a shiftin the hierarchy in my home. AS any experienced dog handler/rescuer knows, the younger, most energetic, stronger pup becomes number one. ANd Chili is now number one in my home. My old dogs understand this "dog talk" ,and haven't challenged the "rules" in a dogs world. My 12 year old can't compete, and is to lazy to, so my dogs have accepted their age and new roles. (I find it is PEOPLE who are confused by this concept, and try to change the way dogs live and decide who is leader. The young wolves in Yellowstone are alphas, and the old ones get mauled, so trust me, I don't make this up, this is how dogs communicate and run their packs, but humans still want to give their oldest dogs "alpha " titles, and that's not how dogs live).So Chili , takes the lead now, and actually my lazy dogs don't mind. So he would be great with other dogs, pending the person understands how dogs live their hierarchy's. .He is a small black dog, 40 lbs, pit x. So if you hear of anyone looking for a dog, he is very smart and learns quick.He would be GREAT in a cat home, or by himself, or with a person who "gets" the roles of a multi dog house.As long as the person is experienced with dogs, and how to manage toys, etc, they will be fine.If you hear about anyone wanting to look at a dog, please contact me, I can meet up on my days off . "


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