Kudos to Napa, California animal control officers

As someone who reads too many daily newspapers, I see articles on dog attacks from Florida to California and back again. I have written over and over about why aggressive dogs must be shot and killed when police officers and animal control have so many other tools available to contain an animal.
I have to give kudos to the Napa, California animal control officers who did not simply pull out a gun and shoot a stray pit bull because he was aggressive which I have noticed is what most officers tend to do. They instead, tasered him and then used a tranquilizer gun on him to transport him back to the shelter.
Experience tells me the dog will probably be euthanized but you never know. They may take him back to the shelter and give him some time to chill before evaluating his behavior. They didn't shoot to kill him before this decision was made, which is a step in the right direction.
Check out the story here.


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