Daily occurances make for sad days

Because I post so many dogs needing rescue every day from so many different groups, you would think I would become immune to the photos of dogs who didn't make it. Just this week I have posted a lot of animals from Orange County Animal Control and most of them did not make it out alive. Some of the smaller ones did, but the larger dogs, the black ones, the older ones or the ones who have pitbull in them never saw a home again.
My heart is breaking for the animals. Anyone who ever bred a dog for the money the puppies would bring in, anyone who ever bought a puppy from a pet store, anyone who ever kept an unaltered dog or turned in a dog that was not longer wanted because it was_______, you fill in the blank, should have to see what we in rescue see on a daily basis. They should be required to witness how many animals are euthanized every day due to their actions. These are the people I am angry at.
So for all the dogs who lost their lives this week, I apologize. We did the best we could and it was still not good enough. Although this makes me sad it makes me even more determined to post these animals, educate the public, work for the animals until I can no longer work in the hopes one more can be saved, one more backyard breeder can be stopped, one more person can be educated and we can truly become a humane race again. One dog at a time.


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