Beautiful Boxer needs a home

Jackson is a beautiful, purebred Boxer who has been living at Satchel's Last Resort. He would do well in his own home with his own people as the only animal. This is what his intro says:

"Jackson ended up a Satchels because his owner didn’t take him along when she left the man she was living with. The guy didn’t want poor Jackson, so after about six months of spending no time with him – he dumped him at our vet. Jackson is a bit hyper here, but he’s great in a car and loves to go for walks. He’s crazy about laser lights.
He’s not fond of other dogs, and has a strong prey drive so he shouldn’t be with cats. He’d do really well in an adult only household with people who would play with him and not just leave him in the back yard to amuse himself."

If you are looking for a new companion and Jackson looks like the dog for you, please contact Satchel's at and ask about Jackson.


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