Why do non-profits use these annoying tactics?

I used to be employed at a company where I made an exceptional salary. I was very free with my extra money at that time and many non-profits benefited. The company also had matching funds, so most benefited by two. I lost that salary almost four years ago and now get by. I can pay my bills but have very little left over to donate.
So that amount goes to local charities I support. I donate when I can, what I can and for the most part, it is appreciated.
My parents taught me to give back so I do. The exception to this are the large groups. I used to make enough so I could send them money each month. I donated to several large animal rescue organizations and then had my company's matching funds applied. I did this for over twenty five years.
In this economy, the large charities I used to contribute to, employ call centers to try and raise money. I understand that. What I don't understand is when I am speaking to them on the phone, the caller wants to tell me what I can afford to send them. When I explain I send what I can, when I can, they continue to insist I can send more.
I can assure these charities they are not gaining favor with me by doing this. If you cannot appreciate the small amounts I have to send, if the circumstances change and I begin to have larger amounts, they won't go to you. They will go to the small non-profits who have appreciated the small amounts I am able to send and don't try and make me feel guilty because I cannot afford a bigger amount.
You will move to the bottom of my donation list and it will be a long climb for you to make it back to the top.


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