Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Special dogs and special people

I have met many special creatures since I have joined the animal rescue world. Many of them stay in the background of the movement and you will never hear their names. Animals and humans alike continue their daily lives and in many cases, only those closest to them are even aware of the things they do and the ambassadors they are.
Then something happens to bring them up to front of our vision and we remember why we admired them to begin with.
Red, the dog pictured above, resided at the Humane Society of Sarasota County for months while I was a volunteer there. He was not only a pitbull, but a senior pitbull who needed a home. Mindy was a new volunteer who didn't even have a dog, much less a much maligned breed like Red.
Red is a chunky, big-headed lug who loves to ride in cars, loves to crawl on your lap and give kisses and now lives with Mindy and the cats in Sarasota. He is her constant companion.
They found a mass on Red's spleen and although he had surgery to remove it, he is an older fellow and they believe it is cancer and may have spread.
Red is such an ambassador for his breed and Mindy battled to adopt him and take not only a senior, but a pit and give him a wonderful home.
Please keep Red and Mindy in your prayers. It is so hard to lose them and Red still has lots of life left in him.

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