Why do Humane Societies think the public is stupid?

This article brought back many memories for me and several of the people I know who used to volunteer at a local humane society. It was like deja vu all over again, even to the responses from (mis) management and the unnamed volunteers who don't want the animals to suffer when the funds dry up.
When this happened locally, it was one of the saddest days of my life. Many of the animals involved were honored a couple of months ago in a new memorial garden set up by several of the disgruntled volunteers.
Unfortunately, there are still people involved with this particular shelter who are just as intent in keeping the wool over the public and their board of director's eyes. They may continue to fool the public. They may also continue to fool their board, but the volunteers who were involved are not fooled, will not support them and will continue to speak out against practices they employed. Until there is a whole new management system in place to stop the needless killing of adoptable animals, especially in a "no-kill" humane society, we will continue to fight the good fight.
You see, when you love animals as much as we do, you won't continue to fall for the lies. We now have our eyes wide open.


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