Naples, FL - Annie, a 8 yr old Beagle, been left at vet clinic

Hello my name is Kim Mardis, I am the office manager at Crossroads Veterinary Clinic in Naples, Florida. We currently have a Beagle (Annie) in our boarding facility who has gone thru a great loss here recently, she has always been her owners pride and joy, but 2 weeks ago he suffered a major stroke. His wife past away Sunday after a long illness. Their son is trying to get their affairs in order and unfortunately has left Annie here with us, he does not plan to take Annie home with him, and at this time he does not feel his father will recover enough to live alone. I have a limited amount of time here to find a home, rescue, foster etc for Annie.

Annie is a good dog. She is an 8 year old spayed female. She is a little over weight (she currently eats r/d) She has a thyroid issue and is managing it via meds (pills). She has been on NSAID's in the past for stiffness/pain. She is current on all vaccines. She has been a patient here since she was 6 weeks old. She is a great dog (in the kennel), very quiet for a beagle, not a big barker. Totally crate trained. Not sure of her feelings towards cats, she doesn't seem to mind our house cat/kittens. She was an only dog in her house, again not sure of her temperament around other dogs, here she doesn't seem to mind the boarding dogs.

Can anyone open their heart and home or rescue to Annie?

Yours Truly,

Kim Mardis


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