Horrible story out of Belle Glade; another misidentified dog

When I read this story I was horrified. That a human being could be so cruel still saddens me and shocks me at the same time.
I hope this dog really does get the treatment she needs and is available to go to a good home after that.
I do take exception to the writing of the story. I do not doubt the reason she has a uterine infection is due to breeding, but look at the photos, folks. She is labeled a pitbull type mix. She looks just like my Betty, who is a hound to be sure. If this dog has any pitbull in her, it is very little. I believe many writers do not know the difference. Maybe they think only nefarious criminals own pits.
Regardless of her breed, she was abused. Who cares what mix she is? Let's just fix her, prosecute the criminal and stop trying to pin a breed on every dog you do a story about.


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