Saturday, April 28, 2012

Satchel's Last Resort needs donations

I received the following note on my Facebook page:

I am asking my friends for donations to Satchel's Last Resort. Anything you can donate will be GREATLY appreciated by all of us @ the shelter. We are having to cut the staff down to a skeleton crew and the owners are doing the job x2 with very little sleep. They dedicate their lives to this shelter to take the dogs that the local shelters were going to put down so these dogs are getting a 2nd/3rd chance here at Satchels. I personally am concerned at this point if we are going to continue so here I am asking for any little bit from you...PLEASE, PLEASE consider it. Donations can be sent to (click on Donate link). Again, thank you from all of us:)

Because this is the shelter I am a part of, I had to post this on my blog. Every day I run animals who for one reason or another, need to find a rescue or a spot where they are in no danger. In this area, Satchel's is that spot. As the above note states, many of our dogs have been given a second and sometimes third chance for a home, and this mission is not taken lightly.
Unfortunately, we are in the same boat many shelters are. Donations have wound down to a trickle and so have adoptions. We have over 70 dogs right now and they must all be fed and taken care of. It is a huge task but is done so lovingly by the staff and owners of the shelter. 
Please, please, please I am begging you. If you can find it in your heart to donate to us we would be forever grateful.
You can log onto or send a check by mail to 8101 Coash Road, Sarasota, Florida 34241. 

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