Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miami,FL - Milo, a 37 lbs Beagle/Bassett needs a new home by May 6th

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Milo's Bio:
Milo is the sweetest dog you will ever lay eyes on. This loving boy is a Beagle/ Basset Hound mix, weighs 37 lbs, and  loves to cuddle. His favorite things include going on long walks, and receiving hugs and kisses. He is a blessing to any home since he is very mild mannered, house trained, and almost never barks. He may have a sad look on his face, but that is just the Basset in him. He is a very happy pooch so long as he has a companion to share his happiness with. He's even great with kids! But he needs a loving home with a family that will show him what it is to belong. Will you be the heart he calls a home?
My Story:
I am a 24 year old girl who just graduated college. I found Milo last December, and decided to keep him when I couldn't find him a home. Ok, the truth is, I wanted to keep him because I fell in love with how sweet he was. I felt lucky to have found such an adoring dog who didn't bark, wasn't crazy hyper all the time, but who still loved to run, play, and cuddle. I felt like him and I were the perfect match and I was meant to find him. But now, I have to leave to Europe for the summer, and I might stay there longer than just a few months. I  can't bring him with me, and I refuse to dump him anywhere were he wouldn't get the utmost attention and love that he deserves. He is in need of a family that will make him feel like a part of the pack. I leave May 6th, and so it is URGENT that Milo finds a loving home ASAP. Anyone who decides to take him in, will quickly realize how lucky they are to have found such an amazing dog. It a shame that I can no longer be that person. But bring him into your heart, and you will receive nothing but joy, and love. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself. His heart is bigger than many other people I know. Milo, is truly an amazing dog, and it's a shame I can't keep him. Please only consider adopting him if you feel you can provide for him all the love and respect he deserves.
Thank you for your time.

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