Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank you to the Manatee County (FL) Sheriff's Office for Saving Chucha's life

We read about them all the time. Police officers and deputy sheriffs who shoot first and ask questions later. There have been numerous stories in the past year where a dog has lost his life due to a quick draw from a law enforcement individual. I said then and I will say it again. Most officers I know love animals and would only draw a weapon if they felt their lives were in danger. They also have so many weapons which will not kill at their disposal, I cannot imagine them shooting a dog.
Then there are the officers who are afraid of dogs. They are the ones who normally act first and then an animal dies.
This story shows that two officers who work for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office should be commended. They saved a pitbull mix from an attack by a security guard at the same business.
They ordered her to stop and she continued to beat the dog about the head and body with a big flashlight. The dog, in true pitbull fashion, was on the ground crying. This is what the officers heard.
They charged the woman with FELONY cruelty to animals and arrested her. The dog is being treated for her injuries and one of the officers may adopt her. Kudos to Deputy Kane Parham and his partner who should get an award for being a true hero.

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