Make a difference for the dogs in Manatee County

For over a year and a half now a very dedicated and spectacular woman by the name of Eve has been solely spearheading a mission to get a Anti-Tethering ordinance passed in her county, Manatee County (Bradenton, FL). The time has now come for all of us to help her ensure that this mission comes to fruition.

Here is what you can do to make a difference for the dogs in Manatee County:

Please email Manatee County Commissioners today and let them know:
"I support a strong Anti-Tethering Ordinance that mimics counties like Sarasota County.";;;;;;;;

If you would like additional tips on what to say in your email, please see below:
Option 1
Dear Commissioner ___________,
I am a taxpaying, registered voter and I strongly support a new anti-tethering ordinance, specifically one similar to Sarasota County and hundreds of other counties throughout FL and the US that have already passed such language. This issue is a matter of public safety first and foremost. I will be paying close attention to your vote on this matter. Please do not disappoint the residents of this county that count on you to do the right thing.
Option 2
I can't help thinking about all the chained dogs tied up in this insufferable heat and thunderstorms with no chance for relief. Not only the heat, but the insects, the lightening, the snakes and fear of strangers make for a very stressed dog and a potential threat to a child or service person entering into their area.
Sarasota County, Pembroke Pines, Miami/Dade, Seminole City are just a few areas that have a very well written, highly effective and enforceable ordinance. Doing it right the first time is in everyone's best interest.
Option 3
Please take immediate steps to address our County’s concern regarding chained dogs. I see them everyday – absolutely horrendous and a HUGE public safety issue as tethered dogs are more likely to bite, maim, and kill. YOU HAVE been given the honor to do something in public office – DO this – this is a no brainer and can be enacted with volunteers as long as an ordinance comes into being. Do not let anotherFlorida summer go by, please.

The upcoming commissioners meeting will be held on the ground floor of the
Manatee County Administration Bldg.,
1112 Manatee Ave. West.,
Bradenton, FL

As I understand, the county schedule on tethering is as follows:

Tues., April 24, 2012: Commissioners Meeting: Public hearing/public comments on the Tethering Ordinance

Tues., May 8, 2012: Commissioners Meeting: More public hearing/public comments
Final vote by commissioners taken
- *Will call for meeting times


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