Sarasota, FL - Five senior Shih Tzus in need of a home

Last Wednesday I was told about a lady (age 55) who died unexpectedly and left behind five Shih Tzus – a 13 year old mother and her four 11 year old puppies.  They were going to be put down, so we brought them to Sarasota.   I have large dogs, so they are staying with a friend.
The dogs are all healthy and active and have been vaccinated for rabies.  There is no record of any heartworm preventative but since they were primarily house dogs – this should not be an issue.  Sophie has cataracts and two of her puppies have some skin problems but their skin is already clearing up.  All dogs have been spayed or neutered.
Attached are some pictures.

Sophie is the mother, and her puppies are Ripper, Andy, Sammy and Chin Chin, the one female.

This family needs to either be adopted out as a group – or at the very least, two dogs and three dogs.

If you can help or know someone who can - please email me ( or call 941-321-9672 or Sheri Kuntz in the evenings at941-302-3385


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