Saturday, April 28, 2012

West Palm Beach, FL - Angus, a friendly low maintenance Chow

West Palm Beach, FL - This is Angus, a 7 yo Chow that due to a death in the family, he ended up losing his owner of 7 years, his home, and was being taken to be put down at the local shelter when the owners mother decided she did not want to deal with him and finding him a new home. For some unknown reason I became aware of this situation.  Perhaps it was fate that I needed to save him. So I arranged for a friend to pick him up and take him to my vet for boarding while an alternative comes up. I love Chows and have owned up to 3 at one time but right now I have 6 dogs at home and cannot take in any more so I am begging for help so this poor boy does not end up staying locked in a cage at the vet's office. Chows get depressed when they are not with human company and I know he is already traumatized enough with the loss of his owner and his home to on top of that add the trauma of being left locked in a cage by himself. This is a sweet boy that is friendly, house trained, and pretty much keeps to himself.

I need a foster or even better would be a new forever home. He is neutered and I will have him fully vetted over the next few days and will groom him too. If a rescue can take him into a foster home, I will surrender him to that rescue once he is vetted and groomed.

I beg everyone reading this email, please forward this email and share Angus story with as many of your contacts as possible and help me give this sweet boy the life he deserves. For more information please call

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