Name calling doesn't save animals

I received another email this morning about another URGENT dog who needed someone to save her. Her family had lost their home, had to move in with relatives and their dog did not like other dogs so they were going to have the dog euthanized. KILLED. Beloved family pet killed because they couldn't take it where they were going. No thought of training. No requests for help in getting a place smaller and more affordable. No thought to even taking it to a shelter where she might stand a chance. Just off to the vet to be killed.
Now, the animal lover in me can think up all kinds of names to call this person. Just like every time an animal is turned into a shelter or veterinary clinic because they are too old, too sick, too whatever and the family simply cannot cope.
A friend of mine who moved here from up north came down with her family and two dogs. She could not find a house to rent at the time which would allow her to have her dogs. So she rented a storage unit and lived there until she could find a place for her and her family.
That is an extreme story, but true.
So despite the fact I would love to call people all kinds of names. I would love to tell them what kind of people I think they are, I won't.
I will publish this dog on my blog. I will share this dog on Facebook and ask everyone I know to share it with all their friends.
Because, as Nanny used to say, when you put it all in a pot and boil it up it all comes out the same. Name calling won't save this dog. People who actually care will save this dog.


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