Miami, FL - Brisco, a snuggly, 1 1/2 yo AMERICAN BULLDOG

This boy was a stray that Good Samaritan picked up off the street 2 months ago. They live in a townhouse rental and have been hiding him while waiting for us to find him a home so they didn't have to take him to the shelter or humane society. Well, it looks like time is up because the landlord discovered him and has given them 3 days to find him a place. 

Brisco is 2 yo , gets along great with kids and other dogs, at least the female 45 lb lab that the people have currently.
He is a real sweetheart and has a good nature. If you can help to place Brisco in a rescue or home, call Kathy 305 401 4693.
The pix aren't great , but you can see how snuggly he is.!


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