CHIPLEY,FL 4 chihuahuas from one home turned in; a purebred bloodhound; a wire hair brindle puppy; litter of newborns

Hi: these are just in at Chipley FL panhandle Animal Control West in high kill pound.

Please contact Belva at 850-638-2082 between 9 and 1.

Or Sue Bruce at

transport is on Saturdays.

Thank you for helping and sharing this please. We have had a great rescue March. I hope we can keep up the momentum!

Taffy is a cute pup with wirey hair and brindle (red/orange/ black coloring) coat. She is very sweet and friendly and appears to be about 8-10 weeks old.

Clyde came in with 3 female chihuahuas from the same house. He is only about 6 pounds and appears to be an adult. All are very sweet and loving. These are the 3 girls in this family of 4. Clyde is the male. Tiny is yellow and smallest at only 3.5 pounds. Blinken is about 6-7 pounds and is the tri colored looking girl and Bonnie is heaviest at 8.5 pounds and is a dark chocolate color. All 4 are very sweet and loving and came from the same home. They appear to be between 5 years and older. (call shelter for more info on age)

Jethro is a big boy who looks like a purebred bloodhound. He has an injury to one of his front legs and still has a sweet and friendly personality. He appears to be about 3 years old.

Cinco babies This litter of 5 is only about 6 weeks old. They are 3 males and 2 females. Mom was a black mouth cur/aussie mix and daddy was unknown. Cute.


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