Educational Event April 17 in regards to Miami Dade County voting to repeal the Breed Specific Legislation in August

The proposed ordinance repealing the Pit Bull ban in Miami-Dade County goes to vote in August.

Learn more from Attorney James Cueva, UM Law alum, and Dahlia Canes, Director and Founder of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation

Lunch from Daily Bread will be served

Tuesday, April 17

At 12:30 in F302

You can BET the county will up the ante as the August vote draws nearer to scare the populace into voting NO regarding overturning BSL in our county. We are the only county in the state of FL with this genocidal breed specific legislation. If we do NOT overturn it your breed could be next: rottweilers; german shepherds; Doberman pinschers; Labradors; you name it.

ALL BREEDS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BITE. Pit bulls aren’t even a ‘breed’ and the bully breeds it refers to are better dispositioned family dogs than any receiving a whopping 85% passing grade on temperament tests!! NO OTHER BREED comes close to pitties’ loyalty, docility, love for humans, gentleness with children, etc.

Please VOTE to overturn this ban in August and EDUCATE everyone you know to the breeds’ good qualities and characteristics. They’ve been so badly represented and misunderstood from media unfairness … the majority of stories re: pits aren’t even pits at all!

Thank you for believing all dogs are good and it’s the owners who need to be banned, not the dogs. If Michael Vick’s dogs could ALL but 1 that was destroyed turned around into family dogs, therapy dogs, police partner dogs, etc. THIS IS A WONDERFUL BREED that doesn’t deserve to die.

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