Alachua animal shelter looking to increase adoptions

When the county where the University of Florida's vet school is located at decides they need to decrease euthanasia and increase adoptions and education, you know the state of Florida is progressing towards ending the senseless killing of adoptable animals.
Florida residents have always been proud of UF and to have a high killing rate in the county where one of the premier veterinary colleges in the country is located does not say a lot for who has been managing the agency.
Check out this story and if you live in or around Gainesville/Alachua County please consider volunteering your time to help the shelter out in becoming a foster family. We can continue to increase the number of animals who are not killed but we need everyone's help. Having a college located in the same spot can provide record numbers of volunteers in time and money. With the right marketing, Alachua can reach its' goal.


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