Thursday, April 19, 2012

Orlando, FL - Petey, a one yr old Am. Bulldog x has gotten the short end of the stick

It's no secret that I am a golden and labbie girl through and through but occasionally a dog crosses my path that calls out and yes, the little pittie above is one of those. My fellow rescue friends are heartbroken about his situation and have asked for help....
One year old Petey has gotten a bum rap....he was in a foster home with other dogs and became particularly attached to one bulldog. They played endlessly and seemed to really connect and get along. I'm told there was another dog in the home who wasn't particularly fond of the bulldog and would occasionally instigate fights, but that's heresay.
To make a long story short, Petey's foster dad went out of town and left all his dogs crated with a pet sitter coming in to check on the dogs. The petsitter came in, found ALL the dogs out of their crates, and the bulldog was dead after having been attacked by one or more of the dogs. All of the dogs had blood on them, but Petey is being held responsible for the attack.
Was he responsible? I don't know. I wasn't there. NO ONE was there. I can only tell you that this guy was a staff favorite at the shelter and passed multiple temperament tests with flying colors. And now he's back on death row and has until Friday to find a foster home or permanent home. He has again passed temperament tests with no problem, and the general consensus seems to be that he is getting held responsible because he was the newcomer in the home and because he's a pit bull.
Please contact Veronica at or Lori at if you have any suggestions or you can help. I know the chances of helping Petey are slim to none, but thanks for reading and sharing.

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