Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why social networking is so important to animal rescue

I was speaking to an acquaintance a couple of days ago and she told me not to be insulted because she had unfriended me on Facebook. The reason she gave was the number of animals I post on my page. She stated she could not bear to see all the homeless animals and felt sorry for all of them so I was clogging her wall with animals she would never be able to adopt.
I, being the person I am, said no problem. I truly understand a person who is not an animal person not wanting sad looking dogs and cats clogging up there wall when who is screwing around with whom is so much more interesting.
So I continue to post as much as I can. You see, social networking has brought animal rescue to a whole new level. A person who lives all the way across the country may see an animal's photo and fall in love. They then move heaven and earth to get that animal to them
If it saves an animal, I will continue to post and crosspost and ask all my friends to share those posts with all their friends. You see, the more people who see these animals, the greater the chance of an adoption or rescue taking place.
As I am typing this, I am working on a rescue from Lake County. The animal's new home will be in east Tennessee. How cool is that. One person saw one photo and fell in love with one animal. Now that animal is going to be pulled, vetted and sent on his way to a wonderful new home with wonderful new parents. The outcome could have been very different.
Many animal control agencies, whether people want to hear this or not, have a very high kill rate in the state of Florida. Many rural shelters' rates run as high as 95%.
Can you imagine killing 95% of all the animals coming into your facility? Can you imagine having the ability to turn that around?
So I continue to post, crosspost and share each and every animal which comes across my Facebook page. I ask all my friends to share as much as they can. If it saves just one dog or cat, the statistics look better. If one animal is spayed or neutered and not subjected to being bred over and over and one more animal is saved, I am helping. Exposure is the key for these animals and I will continue to give these dogs and cats all the exposure I can to save one more. For the love animals.

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