Precious deaf Lucy needs a special home

Lucy is a Special Needs, Dalmatian mix who is deaf. Lucy was severely neglected when she came to us and had been starved and was all skin and bones with very little if any, human contact.She was a sad case of someone taking on a dog without wanting to work with her or "Deal" with a deaf dog, so they threw her in a very small crate or area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and rarely fed her. They did not spend any time with her so was basically left to die. She has amazing will to live and a forgiving soul.
Lucy is learning to have fun. She loves the feeling of running from one side of the yard to the other and getting her back scratched. She is not sure about what a toy is all about. She is slowly learning how to play with one but gets startled when one is tossed or placed by her. After awhile, once she is familiar with the toy she loves to make it squeak it. Of course, she has no clue how loud it is so even a squeaker who lost the squeak is great for her and for the people who are by her for the next few hours.
Lucy is an amazing dog who is so grateful for all the love and kindness she is now given. She loves to get petted and in return, she loves to give kisses. Lucy is currently undergoing heart worm treatment another result of her neglectful owner. The treatment will be covered by Satchel's so there will be no cost to the lucky person/family adopting her.
Lucy is a special needs dog and needs a home where being deaf is not a problem. You can teach Lucy by sign language and visual aids, not by sounds. Please consider adopting Lucy and showing her that surviving all she has been through was worth it. That she will be loved and cared for unconditionally and in return Lucy will shower you with all her love.... UNCONDITIONALLY.
If you have a compassionate and patient heart and would be willing to give Lucy the forever home she deserves, please call Satchels today.
For more information on Lucy and/or to make an appointment to meet her, please either call 941-924-5070 or send an email to:


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