Sunday, March 25, 2012

Florida State Animal Response Coalition training is complete

Because the ENTIRE Family matters………..

Florida State Animal Response Coalition understands that our companion
animals are family. Our animal family members cannot speak for themselves
and rely on us to protect them from harm.
In a post Hurricane Katrina survey, when asked why they refused to evacuate, 47%
responded they did not leave because of their animals. This becomes more
alarming when you realize that 63% of American households have companion animals
and nearly half of those have multiple animals sharing their homes..

Florida State Animal Response Coalition was formed by many diverse groups
of highly qualified animal responders dedicated to protecting the entire family during
disasters. When a hurricane, fire, tornado or other disaster threatens the state of
Florida, we will be there to assist with teams of professionally trained volunteers
dedicated to care for the animals that rely on us.

I had the pleasure of completing this training on Saturday at the Animal Welfare
League in Port Charlotte and what a wonderful time I had. Now, as soon as I
complete the required FEMA training I will be certified to help the animals in a
disaster or other mishaps where volunteers are needed.
Many thanks to AWL for hosting this training (you can also host one at your facility)
and thanks to Andy, Logan, Billie and Marty for helping us with all the information
presented. It was a very informative and fun day.
I also had the pleasure of meeting several animals who are guests at the
Animal Welfare League and will be writing more about these babies in a later blog
when the photos arrive.
If you would like to help the animals, please go to FLSARC's website and
check out future training opportunities.
You can also visit the Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte and pick out a
new friend from the many wonderful animals they have there.
You can check out their website here.

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