Thursday, March 1, 2012

JACK, a very special rough coated JRT - LOOKING FOR A LOVING FOREVER HOME - Vero Beach, FL


Give me 24 hours and I will follow you anywhere. Need a chauffeur? Need an adoring companion?

Then you need me, Jack. I am a rough coated, 7 year old Jack Russell. Because I am seven, I am VERY settled.

What do I love?...other dogs, children who won't pull my ears (in order words, children who behave), dinner, walks or

a back yard. I am housebroken!!

I am fully vetted and neutered. My owner passsed away and I am anxious for a new, equally wonderful home. At the present time, I am being fostered in a caring Vero home after having come to Vero from south Florida. I wanted to get out of the rat race and migrate north to Vero which I was told is the "Big Juicy Bone" of the east coast of Florida.

What do I Need? You.

To see me, please call my canine social worker, Cornelia Perez at 772-567-7570, and she will be happy to arrange for

you to meet and see me.



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