Urgent, Can anyone save Jack by tomorrow? Bronson, FL


Please allow me to introduce myself.. my name is Jack. I was a homeless 'ol soul and now I'm at a shelter in Bronson, FL.

I'm trying so hard to be brave.. but every time someone walks by my kennel.. I look up just in time to see them walk on by.. No one even stops to say "hello".. I see puppies and smaller dogs leave in the loving arms of their new families.. why doesn't anyone love me?.. why can't they see what a good boy I am?.. don't they know I would protect them? be their loyal companion?.. I know I could make them smile after a long day at work.. I'm so depressed now.. the days are long.. and the nights are longer.. as I lay in my kennel at night I can only dream of what may never come to be.. and I worry.. will this be my last night alive? will I die here? lonely and scared??..

I've had a lady named, Jody, come into my kennel and give me hugs.. she has also fed me "cookies".. she tries to smile but I see her sadness too.. she keeps telling me to hang in there.. not to give up.. I've heard her cry as she walks away saying, "if I just had room.. he can't die.. what am I going to do?".. She keeps telling everyone that I'm a good boy.. that I'm about 3 yrs. old.. and something about being heartworm negative.. and now I've heard her say.. "he only has until Friday"..... so this is my story.... can you PLEASE find room in your heart and your home to be my "hero"?..... I know if you come and meet me.. you'll fall in love.. by reaching out my paw.. I can reach into your heart…. PLEASE give me a "second chance"...... Thanks, Jack

If you can save me, please contact J HEFLIN heflinj@bellsouth.net right now as I will only be alive until tomorrow.


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