Lexy, female rat terrier looking for a home

Please help find Lexy the home that she finally deserves . She has been through quite a lot and really would love the stability of a family or person that is devoted to her... Please crosspost to all that are looking for a dog like Lexy! She will not disappoint you! Thanks Hope

Lexy was rescued from death row on her final day. The photo of her in the ugly concrete kennel at the shelter shaking with her little tail tucked between her legs was so devastating. The family that had her for 6 years had dumped her at the shelter to face uncertain destiny, and she was terrified. It was a few days later at her foster home that her limited vision was suspected. A visit to an ophthalmologist in WPB confirmed that she has experienced some degree of vision loss, although her eyes are perfectly healthy. It is uncertain whether the family that dumped her knew this and did not inform the shelter or whether she suffered the vision loss at the shelter, perhaps from the stress of abandonment. Whichever, Lexy does fine once she learns her way around her environment. In fact, foster mom believes Lexy sees quite well. She is also quite sure Lexi was a princess in her previous home, because she is quite eager to be part of the action and especially loves to sit squeezed up against the foster mom in the recliner watching tv. She also insists on sleeping under the covers at the foot of the bed with foster mom.

After a few months in a busy foster home with several other dogs and cats, Lexy finally went home with a wonderful woman that she fell in love with instantly. Lexy was the only pet in the house, so she instantly regained her role as princess. She followed her new mom around constantly, sat squeezed up against her in her chair at TV and computer time, and slept at the foot of her bed each night. The new mom even took Lexy on vacation to with her, where Lexy romped in the sand at the beach. Oh, life was looking so good! But after less than two short months it was determined that foster mom’s teenage son was allergic to dogs and Lexi would lose yet another home - devastating to both Lexy and adoptive mom. Lexi was returned to the foster mom, where she sat staring at the front door waiting for her adoptive mom to return for more than a week. Lexy then became mysteriously ill, vomiting shaking, and not eating, and after extensive testing at the vet it was determined that nothing medically was wrong, she was reacting to the stress of abandonment again. She had a couple of heartbreaking weeks adjusting to the fact that her beloved adopter was not coming back for her. She has bounced back from heartbreak, and is ready to give all her love to yet another caring person or family.

Lexy is a sweet princess who deserves a truly permanent home that she can settle into. She is so appreciative and loves the little things in life – a crunchy treat, watching tv, a walk around the block or a romp in a fenced yard. Lexy weighs about 15 pounds, is spayed, current on all vaccines, de-wormed, and micro-chipped. She is full of life, and one spunky little lady. Lexy gets along fine with dogs, cats, and when meeting new people. With her limited vision, she should probably not be in a home with small children. Can you please help find the perfect heart and home for Lexi? Thanks so much! With questions or to meet Lexy call Lori at 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net


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