Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The senseless and brutal killing of bully breeds in Florida

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A war seems to be going on within this country and this state. As a native of the great state of Florida, I have heard and seen many, many people who are new to the state, speak of our backward ways and antiquated systems. At times I felt like checking my teeth to make sure I didn't have straw poking out. I have tried to speak to many of these people so these ideas of native Floridians could be laid to rest, most of the time with no luck.
Then, some backwoods county, where the population is more rural than developed, KILLS seventeen bully breed dogs just (apparently) in retaliation for a slight from another human.
The senseless and brutal killing of bully breed dogs, especially pitbulls, in this state I love so well is a travesty. People who fear are defeated and politicians, even sheriff's who use fear to control the people they govern are some of the worst scum. This is, of course, only one opinion from one resident.
I am not a resident of Putnam County, Florida. According to the latest census figures 72,893 people live in the county. I find it hard to believe the majority of people who live in this county would continue to allow the sheriff to run the county animal facility like his own private fiefdom. He is allowed to set the rules for the killing of any dog he wants. He is the boss. Now, most animal control facilities are run by the sheriff of the county. Most sheriffs have way too much important stuff to deal with than to began making individual decisions about the brutal killing of animals in a county facility.
I try very hard not to become embroiled in the politics of counties of which I have no say in and cannot vote to get someone out of office. I know many rescue groups have been trying to work with this facility for months to try and save as many dogs and cats as possible. We realize this is a small facility who is inundated with animals on a daily basis due to lax spay/neuter among other things, but had felt the county was willing to work with us to save these animals. We have figured out the reason behind the county's actions may be due to an attack by several owned pitbulls on a 90 year old man. Unfortunately, this can happen with any breed of dog not socialized and taken care of responsibly. We were told the facility would work with rescues to try and get these bully breeds out in a 501(c)3 so they could be saved.
Then, I get the following post on my facebook page:
PLEASE BEAR WITH ME ON THIS LENGTHY MESSAGE – IT IS URGENT!!! As you may be aware, Putnam has created their own policy of putting down bully breed dogs without making them available for public adoption or rescue. We were under the impression this was changing…we couldn’t have been more mistaken. Last Thursday, one lucky pitbull was able to get out through a foster to adopt program locally. The Sheriff of Putnam decided this was unacceptable and that the dog must be returned…yep, uprooted from his new loving home (and he is loved!) to come back to Putnam to be PTS..by heartstick no less….for reasons I won’t get into this pup was not returned. What happened next is interpreted by this admin as an act of retaliation and vengeance so vile, it made me physically sick…over 17 bully breed dogs were put to sleep Friday, in some twisted show of power by the Sheriff…he is violating Florida Statute 767.14 and has subjected his office to legal repercussions. Now the remaining bullies are quarantined in a pen, not viewable by the public and covered with a tarp. I am choosing to expose this information in a desperate attempt to help the ones left…I haven’t stopped crying for the 17 we didn’t know about and couldn’t save….I do not fault the shelter workers…I fault only one man, this sheriff, who will be up for re-election. Please bear in mind, he ordered this slaughter and had no remorse. Who exerts their power by killing innocent animals…by heartstick? Did he feel satisfied? Proud of himself? Did he teach “someone” a lesson? I fear for his soul but that is between him and God. There is NO excuse for what he did..they weren’t sick, they weren’t unhealthy. I don’t live near Putnam…I need the local people to let the Sheriff know this is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. I won’t reveal what media outlets have been contacted, but this story WILL be national news and people are watching….lots of people. I am incensed, saddened and outraged…I NEED YOUR HELP….THE PUTNAM ANIMALS NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER….we must let the sheriff know this inhumane display of “power” will not be tolerated…PLEASE HELP!
So, now I feel even more helpless.
If you read this, please share with any contacts you have in this area of Florida and demand the policies be adjusted to allow the pulling of animals from rescues and the end of needless deaths to bully breeds.

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