Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chester, beautiful brindle colored lab needs home -South Florida

Chester needs a foster home or his FUR*ever home. I found him on the side of the road by some bushes and he would not move. He was soaking wet and covered in flies and mud. It took me 45 minutes and 3 people to coax him into my car but I finally did. Please give him the better life that he deserves!

Chester looks like a lab mix but is the most handsome brindle color you have ever seen. I HAVE COMPLETED VETTED HIM. He is current on all shots, fecal (he had hookworms and will be treated) , heartworm negative and I paid to have him flea and tick dipped at a professional groomer (he will still need a microchip and neuter.). The vet wanted him to gain a bit more weight first. He is limping on the left front leg and may have been hit by a car but no bones are broken..he is just achy.He is a very friendly dog who likes to hug you with his front paws and roll over for a belly rub. He does not bark (at least that I have heard) but will whine for you to pet him. Not sure if he is totally housebroken but he has not any mess so far . He is staying in my air conditioned garage and really needs to go to a foster ASAP .

Chester has some broken upper teeth and it seems he does not like to be crated. He actually bit through the wire crate at the groomer which probably caused this. Chester will also need someone to ensure that he stays in the yard or goes for walks (he does seem to enjoy this!) as he jumped my 4 foot fence. If you are interested in fostering him please contact me at 954-290-0566 or email me at . I would surely keep him but I have 9 other dogs in my home that I am fostering.

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