Seniors are the best. Can anyone help this one in Port Charlotte, FL?

OK, you caught me. It has happened again. I was supposed to be in an 8 hour class to become certified for emergencies to help animals. I was there, I did pass the class and took all the tests required and I am now certified.

Unfortunately, I am like every other animal lover and if there are animals around, I must meet them. When one is a senior, it is even better. You see, senior dogs and cats have a special corner of my heart. I cannot imagine how these special animals feel when they are uprooted from all they know and love, placed in a cage surrounded by strange people and animals and their owners are nowhere to be found. You cannot tell me they understand what is going on. You can see it in their eyes: the questioning looks.

So on Saturday, I spied a beautiful Collie mix in one of the yards being brushed and petted by a volunteer. Before I could make it over there, my friend, who also has the same soft spot came and told me about her.

Her name is Coco. The shelter believes she is about 6 or 7 years old. Her owner was Baker Acted and she was removed from the property. She has grey in her face and a beautiful, long, multi-colored coat like Lassie. She allowed me to pet her but I could read the sadness in her eyes.

She seemed to have a gentleness about her which would make her fit in any home. She needed a good bath and grooming, but seemed to be in great shape and is heartworm negative.

If you, or anyone you know is looking for a beautiful, gentle settled dog for a companion, please contact the Animal Welfare League at 941-625-6720 and ask about Coco.

I would love to find her a special home.


ivy said…
such a lovely dog

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