Thursday, March 8, 2012

K9 For Love Rescue needs us all to help them

K9 For Love Dog Rescue in Homestead, FL desperately needs your help as they are in danger of being shut down. They are collecting signatures since Adela (who runs the place) got a ticket from MDAS for operating without a kennel license and MDAS will try to shut down her place. Friends of the shelter are doing as much as they can and now they have a hearing with the county and zoning dept and also a meeting with the Homestead commissioner but before they get in front of them, they are trying to collect as many signatures as they can. So please sign this petition now:

A petition has also been created to request the City of Homestead to build an animal shelter and I beg you to sign this one as well:

Of those of you that are not aware of the situation in the Homestead area (south of Miami), it is hell. It is a dumping ground for unwanted pets. There is actually a road there that they call Dead Dog Highway. As of now, K9 For Love Dog Rescue is the only shelter in the area. It is a make do shelter but it saves dogs. So closing it down would be a huge mistake. Instead they should receive help so that they can run it properly.

K9 For Love Dog Rescue are, as you probably have already figured out, in desperate need of financial help and in need of items. To make it easier for all of us to help them out, they have created a wishlist on So if you have a few dollars to spare, please go to: this is our wish list in Amazon...things needed the most..

Here is their FB album:

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