Saturday, March 10, 2012

What a day with the dogs

It is easy to forget how relaxing dealing with dogs can be. Even if you are working your butt off, just by interacting with the animals a sense of peace and relaxation seems to come over you.
This morning I spent a couple of hours at Satchel's spending some time with some old friends, like Sandler, Summer and Autumn and making some new ones like Milo, Ava and Lucy.
I have written about them all with the exception of Ava, who is a new dog and looks to be a mix of whippet and beagle. That is a strange combination I know, but she looks like a whippet except her hair is longer but she talks like a beagle.
Then I came home and spent some time with Betty and Buzz before loading Betty up to go back to Satchel's to meet up for directions to go and pick up a new kennel for the rescue. I took Betty along for the ride since she loves to go in the truck. I walked her all over the property and let her meet a couple of dogs. By the time we arrived back home she was panting and tired and is now sleeping on her bed without a care in the world.
I have also been trying to coordinate a rescue of a pup in Tavares which a friend of mine wants to adopt. She lives in East Tennessee and we finally got that a little coordinated with only transport left to arrange but this pup may end up being able to fly up to Knoxville because he is that special. I will keep you posted on his journey.
Now I must do the mundane tasks which keep a home running so with a Captain and Coke in hand, I am now juggling crossposting on Facebook and washing clothes.
But I am relaxed, tired and aware of what an awesome day today was, all thanks to the animals.

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