Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Items and volunteers STILL needed for Yard Sale for SCAS and SDA

Sarasota in Defense of Animals and the Sarasota County Animal Services will be having a fund-raiser for the care of abandoned, injured and, rescued animals on Sat., March 31st starting at 8:30 a.m. in front of "Goodfella's Cafe at 4571 Clark Rd., one block east of McIntosh. We will also be selling cup cakes, dog biscuits, water and sodas. We are asking for donations for which you will get a receipt for a tax write-off and your participation in our sale will be appreciated. Volunteers NEEDED early to set up !
If you have anything to donate, please e-mail me at or call 924-5036. OR Kristen at or call 861-9500
Last year we collected $2,500. I hope we can double that this year.
SDA TAG SALE SCHEDULE March 31, Saturday
Planning the site: Design for the arranging of tables, umbrellas, cashier’s station, baked goods and drinks station. Keeping in mind that the entrance should be narrow and the cashier’s station should be near the exit.
I have one 6 ft table and a card table to use for cashier plus a chair. I also have one large ice chest.
I have lots of plastic bags and wrapping paper, but we can always use more.
Elise has 3 6 ft tables and 3 card tables that we can use. I think we still can use more tables.
Personnel for each section.
Need to get 2volunteers for each table
I have some aprons and can create stick-on labels for the volunteers to sign-in and also signs for the designation of the tables.
Signage: Construction, Installation, Materials (need more) – Bill will make
Elise has given a form for receipts for donations and
also Kristen to got a sign-in sheet for donated hours and mileage.
I have about 4-5 large oaktag boards that we can use for posters. We need more.
Plan which poles to use --- Need someone early 3/31 to put up signs on Clark Rd. etc.
E-Mail requests go to Marie or Kristen
We could use some folks with vans or open trucks to transport the donations to the sale site 3/31 am.
Flyers – done and being distributed
Distributed by Laurie.
Donation Coordinator:
Storage – contact Kristen or Marie
Please tag your donations before dropping off.
We will be calling the Salvation Army to see if they can pick up left over items not sold.
Bill will do this
Chief Cashier
We will have a cash box and starting dollars and quarters.
I can do this as long as I have a tent and seat. I did it last time, but Carolyn was there to “direct traffic” so to speak. So I think I will need at least two volunteers to help.
Parking Coordinator –We’ll need at least 2 volunteers for the beginning. This way they can help unload & get the cars out of the way. Need some guys.
ID for Volunteers:
Can use Pink cloth napkins (which I have a ton of, left over from the restaurant) &
White stick-on name tags with
SDA Volunteer
I can do this too.
Baked Goods & Beverages
Need 2 ice chests & a stand/table w/2 volunteers
Need bags of ice & some cans of soda & lots of bottled water.
Selling Price ??? $1.00 ea. For beverages. I’ll check w/Carolyn
Cup cakes and cookies $1.00 ea.???
We have Caroline to do the home-made dog biscuits. They were a popular item last time.
Sylvia will be making some cup cakes.
Cathy will be making some cookies.

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