Sandler is still searching for his forever home

I had the pleasure of working with Sandler again yesterday cannot fathom why this dog is still at the rescue.
He is a beautiful black Labrador mixed with a little boxer and is Mr. Personality plus. He has filled out since he has been at Satchel's and his coat has gone from dull to a shiny black. He has white on his chest and a little tuft of white on the end of his tail and has become a gorgeous young man.
Sandler was in 3 previous rescues but due to his energy level, was passed over again and again. Anyone who has ever been around young labradors or boxers understand this energy level. Others don't.
He is housebroken and crate trained. He plays a spirited game of fetch and has no fear of any of the agility equipment. He is also extremely fast and loves to run so would make a fabulous running or jogging partner for someone.
He gives kisses on command once he is comfortable with you and loves to have under his neck scratched.
We have many wonderful dogs at Satchel's Last Resort and he is overlooked time and time again.
Due to his energy level and strength, suggest no small children in the home, but surely there is a home out there for him? If you have the energy level he is looking for and could provide a wonderful, stable home, please consider visiting us and meeting Sandler. He really shouldn't continue to grow up in a rescue. Please use the link above to make an appointment to come see him.


nessgirl said…
I took Sandler for a car ride and walk out in the neighborhood for the first time the other day...he was a bean ball on the ride up but was very responsive on the eager to please and by the ride home he was a joy! Boy did he love hanging his head out the car window!
Critter Comment said…
I have been working on his leash manners when I work with him on Saturday morning. He is just so full of energy and he wants to please so badly he becomes a bean ball. LOL Glad you are also spending time with him. What a wonderful dog.

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