Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beloved Dog Rescued in Michael Vick Case Put to Sleep

I don't know how many of you caught this story in Parade Magazine the week before Christmas. I just saw it yesterday, thanks to the ASPCA website.
I had forgotten just how deep my anger was towards Michael Vick until I read this story. The reason my anger surfaced again is I believe the treatment this dog received at the hands of Michael Vick and his cronies could have directly contributed to his death.
Seizures can be a direct result from blows to the head and there is no way you can tell me this dog did not receive blows to the head while owned by Michael Vick. The vets could find no other reason for the seizures which increased to almost 23 hours a day.
I hope he did not die in vain. If anything, he proved fighting dogs could be rehabilitated. He was also given almost 5 years of a good life.
We must continue to speak out against dog fighting and keep the anger alive.

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