Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shelter Animals May be Put Down Sooner

The great state of California is a study of opposites.
This week the HSUS released its list of states and where they rank as far as being humane. Guess who is number one? You are right. California. (Florida ranked 15th)
Now the Governor, Jerry Brown wants to appeal the Hayden Law, passed in 1998. This law requires animal control agencies to wait up to six days before euthanizing animals. This was done to allow more time for the owners to find a lost animal. Florida's hold policies are done on a county-by-county decision. Some agencies hold for three days and some for five.
He believes this will save so much money, a dent will be put in the budget and hopes to save $50 million dollars a year by doing this.
When the state governments begin using the most underfunded department they have, animal control, to try and come up with money to balance a budget which the legislature was responsible for setting, a disaster will happen and twenty years of progress will be wiped out. The slate will be clean so they can start over.
How sad for California, which has some of the most expensive real estate etc. they cannot come up with the money except on the backs of the animals. How truly sad.

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