Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surrounded by rescued animals

One thing you will always notice when being around animal people are their animals. Many people have animals, but they normally consist of one dog or one cat, or maybe one of each. These animals normally live in the same home their whole lives and when they are gone, their owners go out and get another.
Then you visit a friend who is a animal person. They always have multiples. Three or four dogs and a couple of cats. They all live peacefully (sometimes) in the same household even when many times they do not join the household until they are a year old or more. The animals acclimate to each other and their new home. They establish the pecking order among themselves, even though sometimes a new animal become the leader animal over one which has lived in the household the longest.
This order is not something we humans can determine. The animals do that themselves. Then we humans sit around and talk about downsizing. I know this is true because I had this conversation with a friend of mine last night. She has two young dogs, one middle aged dog and two seniors, plus two cats.
She, like me, has always loved the type of dog no one else wants. The big ones. Now I have two medium sized ones, compared to my rottis anyway, and her big dogs are her seniors.
I have decided, in all my infinite wisdom, we may decrease the size of the animal, but we are not contented to have just one. We can talk all we want about downsizing, but there will always be another animal out there who needs us. One we need. We may go down from five to four or three to two, but we will never go back to one again. It simply isn't in our genetic makeup when we know what the homeless population goes through.
I am glad we are that way. I hope we never change. Here's to Kerry, David and their crew. You guys helped reinforce what I keep writing about. Adoption is the only option.

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