Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rat Terrier needs rescue in Miami

CROSSPOSTING FOR ELAINE 786-564-1306 OR 305-446-4027. HER E-MAIL ADDRESS IS BOR837@aol.com

She will be calling animal control to come take this pup this week. Can anyone help her?
From Elaine:
When I got home the dog was outside of my gate in the street again, but came back in when I called him, but I still can't get a leash on him. Here are the photos. If you can help with suggestions, because he clearly will keep getting out and I would hate to see him get hit. My street is heavy traffic at rush hours.
Her dog is suffering from cancer and is getting depressed because of this dog as he cannot go outside. If she cannot find someone to help her, she will be calling animal control so if anyone can help this rat terrier, please contact Elaine ASAP as this dog will not make it out of MDAS alive.

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