Thursday, January 26, 2012

Horrific euthanization numbers in North Carolina

The headline read, "45k Dogs, Cats Euthanized in Year at Triad Animal Shelters". I thought it must be a typographical error. Triad Animal Shelters are those around the Winston-Salem, Highpoint and Greensboro area. Forty Five Thousand companion animals in this small area simply astounds me.
North Carolina is such a pretty state. I would think they would be more progessive in their animal care, but I would be wrong. I should know better.
When I read the complete story, the numbers are even worse. According to the article, "Statewide, nearly 250,000 animals were euthanized at shelters in 2010." 250,000 animals in one year. Remember we are talking about government agencies, not private shelters. I am sure they do not have to report their numbers just like private shelters in Florida don't have to publish theirs.
You can check out the article here. Be prepared to be angry and saddened when you read it.

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