Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden mix pup needs foster/forever home in Miami

CONTACT Shehnaz at

Intact male looks like golden mix He is a male, he's about 6-7 months old I could be wrong but I'm  almost positive he is still considered a puppy. Found around Brickell. Followed me home. I have asked people in the neighborhood about him to see if he  belongs to someone. They said they've seen him running around for a few days  now. He seems to be good with cats he was sitting next to one when I saw him  then he proceeded to run over and greet me and my dog he was in no way  aggressive towards him. He just wanted to play. He followed me all the way home.  Got him scanned, no microchip. I gave him some food and clean water he was pretty  hungry. Not once has he barked. He isnt nippy or mouthy. He's extremely  friendly and just wants to sit next to you and get loved on. Unfortunately I  don't have the space for a larger dog :( but I needed to do something about it.  Couldn't just leave him on the streets like that.
If you are interested in fostering/adopting him, please contact me at or Shehnaz at
Thank you!

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