2011 HSUS Humane State Ranking

Florida did not make the top 10 in the HSUS's poll ranking states for their animal protection laws but out of 50 states plus, ranking 15th up from 16th last year is pretty darn good. The HSUS lists 2 main reasons we moved up a notch: Florida has the strongest animal fighting laws in the country and we passed the ban on intensive confinement of pregnant pigs on factory farms.
You can check out the rankings here and see where your home state falls. I was surprised to see so many states to the north of us in the bottom of the rankings due to weak laws with no felony charges on any animal cruelty.
We still have a way to go. The Florida Animal Rescue Act is a start. Then we can begin trying to overturn the ban on pit bulls in Dade County. We can ask our law enforcement agencies to continue investigating animal fighting and then use the toughest penalties allowed to send these criminals to jail. While we are at it, we can strengthen the rules on breeding dogs in backyards. The list is long but we are pretty dedicated. Let's see how much of this we can get accomplished in the next year.


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