Monday, January 9, 2012

Sending old friends off to the Rainbow Bridge

My first dog death in a shelter environment set the tone for what I believe about shelters and what I know can be accomplished with dedicated animal lovers.

Unfortunately, Duke's death would not be the last. For almost four years after that I watched dogs being led to their death over and over, with no power to control the needless killing of what I considered adoptable dogs. The list is long and the animals lost had a direct effect on many people I volunteered with.

The needless death of a dog named Clutch caused my separation from the rescue I had dedicated many, many hours and dollars to. It led me on a journey to another rescue who is controlled by wonderful people who have the same feelings I do about saving animals. I know our animals will not be killed because of stupid, antiquated ideas about the adoptibility of certain animals.

Many people I am associated with had similar horror stories from our previous rescue association and with the changing of the guard at that facility, decided these animals we so loved needed to be set free to cross the Bridge and allow us closure for our feelings.

We had our memorial service today for those animals. Duke, Clutch, Ray Ray, Amelie, Bubba, Gia, Bergman and Silva are some of the names of the animals we were not able to save. The list is much longer, I just can't remember them all.

Thanks to the generosity of Page and Michael at Satchel's Last Resort, they are now free to frolic with all the others who are no longer of this earth. It was fitting to gather good friends who had good memories of these special animals and speak about what they meant to us.

This service today also helped reinforce our dedication to the animals which mean so much to us. We are united in the goals of creating an area where ALL rescue groups and animal control agencies work together. To work towards educating and legislating to get a handle on the hundreds of unwanted pets dumped at these places week after week. To work towards raising awareness of the problems which are faced by these groups and to save as many as we can, in any way we can.

My thanks to everyone who came to the service today. I won't name you all, but you know who you are. Your dedication to these special animals continues to keep me in awe and I am happy to know I have you in my corner and count me as a friend.

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