Saturday, January 28, 2012

Florida Animal Rescue Act will be too late for some dogs

The Florida Animal Rescue Act when passed, will alleviate what is happening right now in Putnam County, Florida.

Putnam County, Florida is located in Palatka which is in between Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona and Orlando. You have probably never heard of it before now.

Their animal service agency, run by the county, is very rural and has only a few employees. I received an email several months ago about trying to help find some of these forgotten animals homes. The euthanasia rate there is high, I am sure.

The more we try and help these animals, the more roadblocks are thrown up. Right now, there is a pitbull with a terrible wound around his neck from an embedded collar. His picture is at the top of the page. He has had no veterinary care because Putnam County, Florida kills every pitbull which comes through the doors. So he must suffer in pain until his time is up (in most counties that is 3 to 5 days for strays) and then they will kill him. They legally have no call to do that, but they do it anyway. So they kill all the pitbulls and a large number of other animals and when a rescue steps up to pull the pitbull with the horrendous wound, they are turned away.

That's right. Turned away from helping this most defenseless creature who could have been saved while the human who caused this pain and suffering to the animal walks away. The Florida Animal Rescue Act will prevent (hopefully) these kinds of things from happening. When a 501(c)3 steps in and tries to pull a dog at no cost to the county, they must allow them to. They will be breaking the law if they don't.

If anyone reading this has any pull with or in Putnam County, Florida or if you know someone who does, please help us try and save these animals.

Update: Putnam County allowed this dog to be pulled and sent to a rescue in Jacksonville. He has been saved but there are many others who are still waiting for death.

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